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Maintaining the safety and privacy of your data with TRT Defense is one of TRT Defense Engineering's top goals. If you are a security researcher (or any other perceptive user) and have discovered a security vulnerability in one of our products, please contact To report something particularly sensitive, you can use the TRT Defense Product Security PGP/GPG Key to encrypt your email. We consider reports to this address to be of the highest priority, and will investigate them as quickly as possible.


For all other concerns, please visit or email


For vulnerabilities reported to us in compliance with this disclosure policy, TRT Defense commits to validate, respond to, and fix vulnerabilities in a timely fashion and to not take legal or administrative action against responsible vulnerability reporters. TRT Defense reserves all of its legal rights in the event of noncompliance.


Please include the following in security submissions:

  • Your email address

  • Your full name

  • Summary of issue (e.g., XSS on Page Foo, CSRF on Page Bar, SQLi in App Baz)

  • Steps to reproduce the issue


As a special thanks to individuals who have reported previously-unknown vulnerabilities of high or critical security, TRT Defense will maintain a list of credits on this page.




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